Ant-Man was planned as a trilogy, says director

Although Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was chosen to kick off Marvel’s Phase 5, it is also the third film in Ant-Man’s personal saga. In a new interview, director Peyton Reed explained that he’s always thought of the films as a trilogy – though he hasn’t ruled out more Ant-Man movies in the MCU’s future.

Speaking to Lifehacker Australia, Reed explained that his vision for the Ant-Man films was influenced by the films he grew up with. “I think deep down, for an optimistic person, you think, oh, it would be great to do a trilogy of these films,” explained Reed. “I grew up with trilogies, Back to the Future, Star Wars, the Indiana Jones trilogy. So for me, it’s like I treat that as a three-act structure of this story.”