Bizarre railing in Dead Space remake makes Isaac bleed

Necromorphs apparently aren’t the only thing to fear in the Dead Space remake, as an odd bug shows a player bleeding after hitting a railing.

Single player remake of EA Motive Studio’s horror hit dead space found that even inanimate objects inside the USG ishimura could pose a threat to protagonist Isaac Clarke, sharing a clip of the helmeted hero spurting blood after crashing into a railing inside the menacing mining vessel. Already focusing on the future after the successful launch of the horror remake, it was recently announced that Motive Studio is working on the EA game. Iron Man game, which currently has no scheduled release date.


Part love letter to the acclaimed 2008 original, part remake, Motive Studio’s dead space has received largely positive reviews from players and critics since launching earlier this year. Originally announced during the 2021 EA Play Live showcase, the dead space The remake gave the fan-favorite horror title a complete graphical overhaul with EA’s Frostbite engine to bring the game in line with modern releases, while also making changes to some key gameplay elements. Commenting on the release, original creator Glen Schofield praised the dead space remake for being faithful to the original and congratulated Motive Studio on the success.

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In a bizarre clip shared on the r/DeadSpace subreddit, user FellowPigeon shows engineer-turned-hero Isaac Clarke encountering some unexpected resistance from inside the USG. ishimura himself, splattering blood repeatedly as he walks onto a railing at right angles. While Isaac’s health bar was thankfully unaffected by the painful-looking encounter, one would think that the ill-fated mining ship’s crew would have placed a warning sign above such a seemingly sharp corner. Renegade grids aren’t the only unexpected danger in the well-reviewed remake; even Isaac’s own weapons can be a threat in dead space.

Fans of dead space responding to the clip of the unusual glitch were ready with some humor to help alleviate Isaac’s grill-related wounds. Noting that the unexpectedly dangerous corridor created a serious workplace safety issue for the miners and monsters aboard the USG ishimura, one commentator commented that “OSHA needs to be called.” Less concerned with bureaucratic issues and clearly more concerned with the rust and rot coating all surfaces inside the overrun mining vessel, another commenter joked that they “hope Isaac has had his tetanus shot recently.”

After producing a perfectly polished game like the dead space remake, developer Motive Studio can certainly be forgiven for forgetting to smooth out all of the title’s rough edges, even if that particular edge managed to draw blood. Whether revisiting a favorite from your past or exploring the horror-filled corridors of the USG ishimura for the first time, it’s likely many players of this reimagined classic are now wondering what’s next for the dead space franchise.

dead space is available now for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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