Bride accidentally captures audio of guests ‘talking shit’ about her

Published: 2023-02-11T20:57:24

updated: 2023-02-11T20:57:33

A bride has gone viral on TikTok after revealing she accidentally recorded her wedding guests “talking shit” about her and her wife at their wedding.

In a viral video with 3.2 million views, content creator Yaya (yayakampen), said she accidentally recorded all of her wedding guests’ private conversations.

The newlywed explained that she wanted to buy an audio guest book that would allow guests to leave a message for her and her wife on the phone. However, as it was too expensive, TikToker decided to make its own version.

After buying an old-fashioned phone from a thrift store, Yaya installed a tiny sound-sensitive audio recorder in the cable.

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It only recorded when it heard a voice, so Yaya believed she would be able to hear all the beautiful messages her guests left for her. But the bride got more than she bargained for.

Wedding guests are caught gossiping about the bride

When she listened to the recordings a week after the wedding, she noticed that the recorder had captured every voice from around the outdoor venue.

“So it’s two hours of audio of people leaving messages, of course, but literally everything else going on throughout the entire wedding day,” Yaya said in the video.

TikToker noticed that his gay marriage caused a lot of drama in his small town and his extended family. Yaya also said that she and her husband caused some drama by not inviting those who were not supportive of their marriage.

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After several TikTok users commented that they wanted to hear the audio clips, Yaya shared some in another video.

TikToker shares audio clip from wedding

She shared an audio clip of her aunt talking to a cousin about people not being at the wedding because they weren’t invited.

“Like how corny and disrespectful can you be?” the aunt said, presumably talking about Yaya and her husband.

The aunt was also spotted saying she didn’t “support” the bride and groom’s decision to exclude some people from the wedding, calling TikToker “tasteless”.

Yaya didn’t share much more audio, saying she would have to page a lot of names for people’s privacy.

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Although she was hurt by her family’s name-calling, Yaya said she regretted nothing about her big day. “I think our wedding was really beautiful… and I loved our guestbook idea, I thought it was really cute,” she said.

“If you are literally planning your wedding, please only invite people who just love you,” she advised.

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