Call of Duty Zombies fan makes detailed wood art of classic loading screen

A Call of Duty Zombies fan makes a wooden art set calling back to the loading screen of one of the series’ classic maps.

a fan of Call of Duty Zombies paid homage to the loading screen of one of the series’ iconic maps by recreating it through a wooden art set. Call of Duty Zombies has been a core component call to action for over a decade and has infected a strong and dedicated fan base.

O zombies mode first appeared in call to action in 2008 as one of the modalities included in the Call of Duty: World at War by developer Treyarch. This iteration of the mode is where many people first encountered the iconic line of Call of Duty Zombies maps, some of which like Nacht der Untoten appeared later call to action games. Since then, zombies has been a big part call to actionidentity, particularly in Black Ops Treyarch’s subseries that picked up where world at war left out.


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Call of Duty Zombies It has also been actively supported by DLC packs that help expand the history and lore of the multiples. zombies timelines, such as the Dark Aether story that began in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. However, some of the most revered maps in the series are those that were available with each game at launch, a prime example being Kino der Toten, which was released with Call of Duty Black Ops in 2010. Players loading into the map are greeted by a loading screen that references the map’s trademark teleporter, as well as previous ones zombies maps of Call of Duty: World at War. This loading screen inspired Reddit user VeryCoolYoutube to make a set of wooden art pieces based on the comic book panels seen in the loading screen.

VeryCoolYoutube described Call of Duty Black Ops as a “massive part” of his childhood gaming memories, and thus was compelled to laser engrave these. Kino der Toten continues to be fondly remembered by fans as it was accessible to all players and was also the first time series staples like Thundergun and Crawler Zombies appeared in Call of Duty Zombies. The love for this map remains strong long after its release, and Treyarch capitalized on that nostalgia by including Kino der Toten as one of the featured maps in the Zombie Chronicles DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Call of Duty Zombies has been a part of the series long enough for an entire generation of fans to experience it, and is instantly recognizable by millions. It continued to be developed with new features like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3level editor that was used to recreate Dunder Mifflin from The office as a zombies map. There’s still a lot of love for the old and the young zombies modes and shows that even if call to action may not reach the sales figures it had in its heyday, it is far from dead in the hearts and minds of fans old and young.

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