Coming Home honors America’s legendary World War I regiment

The Ubisoft developers behind Valiant Hearts: Coming Home explain how the Netflix exclusive game pays homage to a legendary WWI US regiment.

Ubisoft developers behind Valiant Hearts: Coming Home opened up about how their latest game pays homage to the Harlem Hellfighters, a legendary World War I United States regiment. His deep dive into WWI history and his own artistic leanings arrives a week after its Netflix release Valiant Hearts: Coming Home.

The sequel to the acclaimed 2014 puzzle adventure Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the first of three games that Ubisoft has agreed to develop for Netflix as part of an exclusive partnership announced in September 2022. Like its predecessor, the sequel tells the story of fictional characters in a historical setting inspired by real events. This time, players control James, a member of the US 369th Infantry Regiment, nicknamed the Harlem Hellfighters because of their roots in the 15th New York National Guard.


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In a newly published interview with Content Manager Maya Loreal and Historian John H. Morrow Jr., Ubisoft provided significant insight into how Valiant Hearts: Coming Home came to be and how its team made a historically accurate and inclusive game. Loreal explained that representation was an early development goal for coming homewhich aims to honor the “unsung heroes” of the Harlem Hellfighters, whose contributions to World War I were overlooked, as well as those of 360,000 other African-American men who enlisted to fight in the terrible conflict.

Illustrating how remarkable this regiment celebrated by the new brave hearts In the game, Dr. morrow jr. he said that the Harlem Hellfighters never lost prisoners or ground to a German attack. Consequently, not only do they boast the best service record in the history of the American Expeditionary Force, but they are also known for the exceptional talent of their band, led by famed songwriter James Reese Europe. True to their leader’s name, the Hellfighters Band ended up introducing jazz to the Old Continent, solidifying the legacy of the Harlem Hellfighters not only as brave soldiers, but also as cultural ambassadors, concludes the historian.

Given the game’s historical focus, Ubisoft has put special care into the music of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home. As explained by Dr. Morrow Jr., music—and jazz in particular—was not only a source of entertainment for the soldiers of the Harlem Hellfighters, but also a unifying force that transcended cultural and racial boundaries on the Western Front. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home seeks to bring all this, and much more, to light.

The two remaining Netflix exclusives that Ubisoft has in the works are a sequel to Powerful quest for epic loot and a new one Assassin’s Creed game. Both are due out for mobile devices later this year. Outside of its partnership with Netflix, Ubisoft has more mobile games planned for 2023.

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is now available to Netflix subscribers on Android and iOS.

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