Congresswoman Angie Craig threw hot coffee at the assailant who assaulted her in the elevator

Representative Angie Craig, Democrat of Minnesota, threw a hot cup of coffee into a assailant who hit her with a clenched fist inside an elevator on Thursday, according to a statement from the US Capitol Police. CBS News has learned that the suspect, Kendred Khalil Hamlin, is scheduled to appear in federal court Monday at 1:00 pm to face federal criminal charges.

Police testimony said Hamlin chased Craig into the elevator of an apartment complex near the Capitol on Thursday at 7:10 am. select a floor. But the police report said Hamlin told the congresswoman he needed to go to the bathroom and insisted he use the bathroom in her apartment.

“Before the doors closed, Hamlin thrust his arm between the doors, preventing them from closing, and entered the elevator with the representative,” the affidavit said.

According to a Justice Department court filing, Craig turned down Hamlin’s request. The statement read: “Hamlin became agitated. Hamlin stopped in front of the elevator door, blocking the representative from exiting the elevator and pressed buttons on the keyboard. When the representative tried to get past Hamlin, he punched her in the left side of her face, striking the chin (and) mouth area with a closed fist. Hamlin then moved behind the Representative, placing his hand on her shoulders to prevent her from reaching the elevator keypad. Hamlin also grabbed the Representative’s collarbone, close by from your neck.”

Craig threw a cup of coffee at Hamlin during the attack, according to police testimony. The Capitol Police report stated, “As the doors opened on one floor, the representative came out and started yelling for help. Hamlin exited the elevator and ran down the stairs to exit the building.”

A CBS News review of DC Superior Court files shows that charges were filed against a man by the name of Hamlin in a case of robbery on Capitol Hill at a grocery store in Washington, DC, in September, but the case was dismissed.

In a statement on Friday, Craig said he is recovering at home in Minnesota. His statement read: “My breakfast really saved the day yesterday, but not exactly as I had hoped. Seriously though, I’ll also say I was very, very lucky not to have been injured more – and I’ll have more to say about that shortly .”

“Officers viewed surveillance video recovered from the lobby of the building,” the affidavit said. “Video shows Hamlin, matching the rep’s description, entering the building shortly before the time of the attack and exiting the building after the attack.”

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