Dead Cide Club is a new side-scrolling Battle Royale game

A new action-packed trailer showcases gameplay of Dead Cide Club, a free-to-play side-scrolling shooter with Battle Royale mode.

The developer behind Clube Morto CidePressA, recently released a launch trailer for the new title, as well as its official release date. Clube Morto Cide is a new free-to-play side-scrolling action game with multiple modes including battle royale and a co-op mode.

Clube Morto Cide was originally announced on Steam by PressA nearly a year ago. Shortly after that, the team started calling players for a Closed Beta testing phase around April 2022, something many developers are now experimenting with. During this time, participants were able to play both Battle Royale and BeHolder, a unique mode that allowed them to set the rules at will and start private competitions.


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In the newly released trailer, you can see what you’d expect from a title of this type, including several fast-paced action scenes, in which characters collect new weapons, kill each other and wear crazy skins like horse heads, costumes dinosaur outfit or a classic black and white striped prisoner outfit. Most of the gameplay includes shooting enemies with guns, using throwing weapons like grenades, and a grappling hook mechanic, something that is becoming more and more popular in games these days and adds to the feeling of fast-paced combat. The title’s release date, February 27, was also announced in the video.

when playing Clube Morto Cide, players can choose from a few game modes. In the popular Battle Royale mode, they try to kill other players and be the last one standing, alone or as part of a team. Other modes include co-op, in which you can team up with friends to defeat game-controlled enemies and collect coins to upgrade weapons and similar items. The game also includes seven cartels to choose from as characters including Gangsters, Nerds, Prisoners, Agents, Psychopaths, Hipsters and Soldiers. This choice will define various abilities, as well as the character’s history, perks, and weapon availability. So hopefully there will be a variety of playstyles supported by different factions.

Clube Morto Cide it will certainly have stiff competition when it comes to free games, which are highly dependent on in-game purchases and player retention for monetization. fortnite, for example, caters to a somewhat similar audience and has constant live events that keep its user base engaged, as they will miss out on content if they go too long without playing. Players will soon find out what kinds of strategies PressA will use in the coming months to keep the hype about the title still high after the next release.

Clube Morto Cide launches for PC and PlayStation 5 on February 27th.

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