Democrat Adam Frisch, who nearly ousted Lauren Boebert, announces his second candidacy against her

The Democrat who nearly ousted Republican Lauren Boebert in a shocking 2022 race has announced his intention to run against her again.

Adam Frisch, who previously served on the Aspen County Council, announced his candidacy against the controversial congresswoman on Tuesday.

“I. AM. RUNNING,” Frisch, 55, tweeted on Tuesday. “You heard it here first! I’m officially launching my campaign to topple Lauren Boebert and restore the dignity of #C003 representation. We lost by just 546 votes out of 22 – the closest race in the country – and we know we can get that back in 24.

The race was so close that the results of the final recount were not announced for weeks, although Frisch relented in the meantime. He accompanied his announcement Tuesday with links to volunteer and donation opportunities for his campaign.

Frisch said in a statement this week that “it was the honor of building a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters who rejected Boebert’s extremism with their 2022 vote. But our work at CO-3 is not done.”

“The November election results show us that Boebert is weak and will be defeated, which is why I decided to launch my 2024 Congressional campaign. doubled down on its divisive antics, attention seeking, and rage entertainment that does nothing to benefit the people of southern and western Colorado. Of all the extremists in Congress, we have proved that Boebert is the only one who can be defeated,” he said.

“I humbly ask for your support as I get back to work to give the CO-3 a representative who will take the job seriously and work across the hall. When elected, I will join the bipartisan Problem Solvers Group to find solutions and deliver results for the families, businesses and communities in this district.”

During his bid to defeat the Republican last year, Frisch said The Independent he believed that “those who know her best don’t care about her, and far more people know her now than ever before. And not for good reason.

He said he felt Colorado constituents “want the circus to stop.” He had already filed paperwork — ahead of Tuesday’s announcement — with the Federal Election Commission to run against Boebert a second time.

The Independent got in touch with Mr. Frisch.

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