Drag Queen Story Hour artist claims he is a ‘role model’ for children

A “queer” drag queen story time artist has stated that he is a “role model” who can help kids start “living their true selves”.

Sab Samuel, who performs under the name Aida H Dee in story time drag queen performances, described herself as a “role model” for children and young people.

This comes after the artist organized three sessions of drag queen stories at the Tate Britain gallery in England, prompting protests from pro and anti-trans activists, who ended up clashing outside the venue.

According to a report by the telegraphSamuel dismissed any suggestion that the drag queen story hour could be harmful to children, saying he wanted to be a “role model” for children with the performances.

In particular, the artist described some young people as “coming out” to him after a reading, saying they live happy lives due to the influence of events.

“(The) catalyst for them to live out their true selves was coming to Drag Queen Story Hour,” said Samuel, who is described by Tate Britain as being “the first drag artist in Europe to read stories to children in a nursery”, reportedly said. .

The “queer hero of literature” went on to say that they were a good “role model” for children as it allowed them to be true to themselves, adding that he wants to be the kind of person he believes he needed in his youth. .

“I hated myself growing up because I thought being gay was negative,” he said. “All I want to do is be the role model I wanted to be when I was five.”

While Samuel believes critics of his performances are blowing it “out of proportion”, others in Britain don’t seem to be of the same mind, with a small demonstration erupting on Sunday outside Tate Britain to protest the drag queen event aimed at children.

Protesters themselves were reportedly challenged by counter-demonstrators advocating transgenderism, with GB News reporting that violent clashes between the two sides soon broke out.

Police eventually intervened between the two sides, with only one individual having been arrested “on suspicion of making a racially aggravated remark towards a police officer”.

Five individuals protesting the event were also granted access to the gallery, although Samuel claims that no performances were actually stopped for the day.

It’s not the first time that protesters have tried to disrupt a drag queen event in Britain, with Samuel himself having seen one of his drag queen story hour events interrupted by concerned mums last summer.

“You are probably teaching kids that there are 100 genders, only two genders, no man can be a woman,” one woman told the drag queen. “We are here to protect children.”

Another accused Samuel of allowing “child grooming to occur”, calling the event “disgusting”.

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