Elden Ring Player finally defeats tough boss after six months of trying

An Elden Ring player finally defeats a tough boss after trying for six months and even uninstalling the game a few times.

One elden ring fan finally defeats a tough boss after trying for six months. elden ring players will encounter a number of challenging bosses and mini-bosses throughout their playthrough, some of them considered among the toughest fights in FromSoftware’s catalog of games.

While there are many challenging bosses in the main quest of elden ring, some of the toughest fights are found in optional areas later in the game. Malenia is widely considered the most challenging boss in the game, with Godskin Duo and Alecto also noted for their difficulty. now a elden ring the player finally defeated a main story boss after months of trying.


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A Reddit user named Bandit_Ke1th made a new post confirming that they finally defeated Maliketh, The Black Blade after trying for six months. In the title of the post, Bandit_Ke1th mentions that they uninstalled elden ring twice because they failed to defeat Maliketh, but finally succeeded after trying again. The player records the satisfaction of defeating a challenging boss, but users in the comments section point out one of the reasons why they failed for six months.

As seen in the screenshot, Bandit_Ke1th has a small health pool for this phase of the game, as they have been ignoring stamina when leveling up in elden ring. Maliketh is one of the last mandatory bosses in the game, and FromSoftware has likely balanced this fight around a much larger pool of health. Some users joke that Bandit_Ke1th will uninstall elden ring once more after facing the next story boss, Gideon, followed by a discussion of the difficulty of the fight and how users can defeat him.

Most comments discuss the low stamina stat, with some wondering why Bandit_Ke1th continued to advance. Some players also point out that Bandit_Ke1th has a 5% health debuff after embracing Fia in elden ring, making the fight even more challenging. While Maliketh is considered tough, users seem to agree that it wouldn’t take the player six months to beat him with a larger health pool. The rest of the comments present more elden ring tips, with fans discussing strategies for the various bosses present in the game.

Players should note that Bandai Namco is hosting a special event elden ring event on February 25th to mark its 1 year anniversary. While there haven’t been any confirmed DLC announcements for this event, a recent update to elden ringThe Steam page hints that new content may be coming soon.

elden ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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