Footage from Rihanna’s Super Bowl rehearsal is going viral on TikTok

  • Choreographer Parris Goebel created dance moves for Rihanna’s Super Bowl concert.
  • In a video shared by the Royal Family Dance Crew TikTok page, you can watch an impressive rehearsal.
  • Over 14 million people have seen Goebel perform the “work” choreography with the backup dancers.

Choreographer and viral dance star Parris Goebel is once again racking up social media views with rehearsal footage for Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show.

New Zealand dancer Goebel broke into the American mainstream with her choreography in Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” music video in 2015. Eight years later, she was one of the creative minds behind the choreography for Rihanna’s halftime show this past weekend.

Goebel shared a minute-long peek at rehearsals in a TikTok video uploaded Monday morning. As of Tuesday afternoon, the clip had been viewed more than 14 million times and had 2.8 million likes.

“Of course they got the royal family’s dance crew,” said one of the top comments on the TikTok post.

“This is how Rihanna was supposed to do it,” read another top comment. “Parris rocking!!”

“I literally knew it was Parris behind this masterpiece,” reads one comment with over 59,000 likes.

The video was shared with @RoyalFamilyVids, an account dedicated to the dance group that Goebel has worked with for many years. His choreography work with the Royal Family is in a recognizable style, often including minutely timed group numbers exactly like the type seen during the Super Bowl performance.

You can see Goebel performing with the Royal Family Dance Crew in this YouTube video of a 2015 World of Dance competition. That performance, which already has 231 million views, opens with a remix of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” . Eight years later, on Super Bowl Sunday, it was one of the songs played during the halftime show.

This wasn’t Goebel’s first Super Bowl experience — she was also one of the choreographers behind Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s 2020 halftime show.

On his Instagram story, Goebel shared a message of gratitude for the support his father showed him as a child.

“None of us knew that 14 years later I would be making the Super Bowl for the same artist for whom I was inventing changes in the back of his warehouse,” Goebel wrote.

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