Former Respawn developers announce new studio Wildlight Entertainment

A team of former Respawn developers are officially establishing their own studio and are currently working on a new shooter IP.

a group of former reappearance the developers announced that they officially formed a new game studio by the name of Wildlight Entertainment. In recent years, several studios sprung up from large-scale game companies, such as the former force horizon Maverick Games from developers. Wildlight appears to be the most recent entry on this list. While the new studio is yet to share more details about what’s to come, former Respawn developers have indicated that it’s working on a shooter.


Shooters have been a popular category in the gaming world for decades now, and that popularity only seems to have grown thanks in part to live service franchises like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, call to actionIt is Apex Legends, between others. Indeed, Apex Legends recently reached a new peak of players, a sign that the genre continues to generate a lot of excitement among gamers. It remains to be seen what to expect from the former Respawn team, but it might not be too far off to assume that the studio would want to bring an equally popular title to life.

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The official studio was teased today by the newly formed Wildlight Entertainment team on social media, although the studio has been under construction since last year. Dubbed the “first remote and hybrid-friendly” company, the Wildlight team primarily features IP creators like call to action, titan fallIt is Apex Legends. Alongside the creators, the co-founding CEO of the studio is Dusty Welch, who previously held the role of Director of Operations and General Manager at Respawn. Apex Legends. So far, Wildlight has not released details about any of its upcoming work, other than a new FPS title currently in development. While it might be a while before the studio shares more information, it’s likely the new IP could go the live service route given the team’s experience and the space’s popularity.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first studio to come out of Respawn Entertainment. In 2020, former titan fall developers set up the Gravity Well studio run by Drew McCoy and Jon Shiring, which comes with call to action It is Apex Legends. However, the studio has yet to make any announcements about its game project.

Respawn itself is going through a rough few months. recently canceled your Apex Legends mobile game bundled with its unannounced legends of titanfall project, which was rumored to feature Legends and Titans from the franchise. Even so, fans continued to delve into Apex Legends in large numbers, especially after Respawn announced its new season. Now that another studio in the form of Wildlight is set to add a new shooter to the mix, FPS fans could have some interesting years ahead of them.

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