Funny Overwatch 2 clip highlights poorly timed Kiriko teleport

Using new support hero Kiriko, an Overwatch 2 player unfortunately uses the teleport ability at the worst possible time.

During a match, a overwatch 2 the player uses Kiriko’s teleportation ability at the worst possible time. With Season 3 just around the corner, players have returned to the online shooter to experience all of the new added content, including the Antarctica map, as well as another battle pass to work on. Season 3 also brings the first collaboration event for the Overwatch franchise with the popular manga and anime One Punch Man. Many expect this to be the first of many in the coming years.


for the first time since overwatch 2 Released in October 2022, Season 3 does not introduce a new hero to the roster. One of the most popular new heroes is support Kiriko, who was originally added throughout Season 1. With high mobility and the ability to take out opponents with her kunai, Kiriko is a common pick for those in the support queue. However, its popularity has also resulted in the discovery of strange issues, as well as player-made clips of some surprising moments during matches.

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The most recently overwatch 2 Kiriko’s clip comes from a Reddit user named VNilla. The short, humorous clip shows a Kiriko player using the Swift Step ability, which allows her to teleport directly to an ally in need of healing. However, upon reaching the point, the player does not see their teammate and instead lands right in front of an enemy Reinhardt who has already activated his Charge. The timing couldn’t be more unfortunate for Kiriko’s player, as Reinhardt’s likely surprise player slammed right into her and knocked her off a nearby wall.

While many people bemoaned VNilla’s misfortune after being instantly knocked out while teleporting to a teammate, many were fixated on the fact that the player already had Kiriko’s Season 3 Mythic Amaterasu cosmetic. Considering the season just started, it’s clear that this person bought their way to the final tier in the Battle Pass, which would normally cost upwards of $100 in the first week. People seemed torn between being surprised that someone would spend so much money so early in the season, while others pushed back saying people can spend their money however they want.

Anyway, Kiriko has had no shortage of problems over the last few months, even some related to her Swift Step ability. While some players pulled off some impressive last-second saves with him, others encountered some bugs when using Kiriko’s Swift Step to teleport to Echo or someone switching to a new hero at that very moment.

overwatch 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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