Hogwarts Legacy – How to Use Unforgivable Curses and the Consequences of Using Them

Hogwarts Legacy puts you in the shoes of a fifth-year student at the school, learning magic for the first time. While there are many other spells available, you have the option of learning and using the three Unforgivable Curses; Crucio, Imperio and Avada Kedavra. Crucio causes someone immense pain, Imperio controls them, and Avada Kedavra kills. These spells are illegal to use in the Hogwarts Legacy world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them at your disposal if you want them. Here’s how to learn Unforgivable Curses and any possible consequences of using them. Some story spoilers below.

Consequences of Black Magic

As for the consequences of using Dark Magic, they really don’t exist. There is no morality system in Hogwarts Legacy, nor choices that lead to different paths. Any NPC that is with you when you use them may have a shocked reaction and may verbally scold you for using them, but there will be no gamified punishments.