Hogwarts Legacy Makes Top 4 Sellers on Steam Last Week

Hogwarts Legacy is a big success on Steam, as it occupied the top four positions on a list that shows the best selling games of the past week.

Hogwarts Legacy was a huge success on Steam, as it occupies the top four spots on last week’s bestseller list. Hogwarts Legacy received positive reviews upon its release, and its critical reception was accompanied by a sales success, at least on Steam.

SteamDB graphs revealed that Hogwarts Legacy has one of the highest concurrent player counts on Steam for a single player game, surpassed only by cyberpunk 2077 It is elden ringalthough the latter has a multiplayer component. Hogwarts Legacy will come extremely close, or even surpass elden ringas 872,429 players are playing on Steam as of this writing. elden ring has a peak concurrent player count of 953,426, but cyberpunk 2077the record of 1,054,388 is unlikely to be broken. Now it is revealed that Hogwarts Legacy were the top four sellers on Steam in its launch week.


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A tweet from Benji-Sales lists the top 10 best selling games on Steam, revealing that Hogwarts Legacy takes the top four spots, with two for its standard and digital deluxe editions each. In a follow-up tweet, Benji-Sales mentions that Steam calculates pre-order and release SKUs separately, so two of those Hogwarts Legacy are from users who pre-ordered the game, with the other two noting players who bought it at launch. Also, Benji-Sales confirms that this is a revenue-based chart, so Hogwarts LegacyThe performance of the is even more impressive considering it ranks above Steam Deck which starts at $399.

The deluxe digital edition of Hogwarts Legacy being at the top of the list is not a surprise, as users received 72 hours of early access, as well as cosmetic products. It will be interesting to see how the bestseller chart looks for the rest of the month, with atomic heart, Like a dragon: Ishin!It is Destiny 2: Lightfall release in February 2023. The rest of Steam’s best selling products list includes Zomboid Project, dead space, dying light 2It is Destiny 2: Lightfallwith CS:GO Prime Status Update occupying the last spot.

Sales data for console releases vary by region, but fans can expect similar results in sales charts for all available platforms. Hogwarts Legacy is shaping up to be a huge hit for WB Games and will likely end up as one of the top selling games of 2023. In addition to strong sales, Hogwarts Legacy has extremely positive user reviews on Metacritic, with the current score being 9.1 for the PS5 version.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X, with PS4 and Xbox One versions arriving on April 4, and a Switch release on July 25.

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