Hogwarts Legacy Trick Allows Hufflepuff Students to Climb Up the Common Room Stairs

For Hogwarts Legacy Hufflepuff players who are also a bit of a rebel, this tip might make them feel like one of the cool kids.

A Hogwarts Legacy The player found an easy solution to quickly climb the stairs in the Hufflepuff common room. Because even magical stairs won’t stop a player from exploring every part of their common room in Hogwarts Legacy.

Dedicated fans know that a Hufflepuff is characterized by its modesty, hardworking nature and patience. But even their patience can be tested when the stairs in the common room don’t work as they’d hoped. While there’s quite a bit more to this player’s predicament, and his experience is something many players have probably gone through as traversing their common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy. But perhaps not everyone has tried to push those exact boundaries.


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The reason the player had to try and figure out how to trick the stairs is that they chose to have a male character. if in Hogwarts Legacy a character is sorted into Hufflepuff, and they’re also a boy, so they’ll know that getting upstairs to the girls’ floor is next to impossible. As soon as a boy tries to climb it, the magic stairs turn into a slide and the player will find himself back at the bottom. But there is clearly a design flaw, as Callum Taylor demonstrated in his TikTok video. As the stairs flatten out, Callum instructs to “grab the banister” and wait for the stairs to reappear. The moment they do, the player can end their journey by going upstairs, reaching the girls’ dorm floor.

The hack gave viewers a lot of fun, the video received more than 88 thousand likes and more than 600 comments. Some shared that in the Ravenclaw common room, there are knights blocking the girls’ side, while others said that in Slytherin there are no barriers of any kind. There was one commentator who even characterized Callum’s action as more befitting for a Slytherin. But there were also many players who didn’t even realize why the stairs acted that way during their playthroughs, just assuming the game temporarily blocked that area for story reasons. What most agreed, however, is that they consider Hufflepuff’s common room decor to be one of the most beautiful, which even made some regret their choice of house.

There is clearly a lot of fun during the game Hogwarts Legacy, whether sanctioned by the game itself or not. Though commentators have predicted now that this glitch has been revealed, it will be fixed with a patch.

Hogwarts Legacy released on February 10th for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X, and will be released on April 4th for PS4 and Xbox One and on July 25th for Nintendo Switch.

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