How to find the best no-exam life insurance

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To get the best no-exam life insurance, you must first understand why you need it.


Life insurance can be instrumental in ensuring your loved ones are financially protected after you pass away. In exchange for a small fee to a provider each month, policyholders can secure coverage for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may be able to get a policy for $1 million or more.

But if you’re a senior citizen or someone with medical issues, your application process might be hindered by the traditional medical exam required for most life insurance policies. The results of such an exam could limit what you are offered – or even cause you to be rejected for coverage. In addition, smokers may also encounter obstacles when looking for affordable life insurance.

Fortunately, however, no exam life insurance makes the application process much easier. With this option, you may end up paying a little more for policies, but you can completely bypass medical exam requirements and save time when taking out insurance.

Below, we’ll explore ways to find the best no-exam life insurance, but you can get started on your own by getting a free price quote now.

How to find the best no-exam life insurance

The process for securing the best no-exam life insurance is similar to the process for obtaining other types of insurance. As such, you’ll want to:

understand your goals

Why do you need life insurance? And more specifically, why do you need no exam life insurance? By understanding why you need a policy, you will be able to order the right amount and type (more on this below).

Do you need it to cover your mortgage loan in the event of your death? Then you will likely need a substantial amount of coverage. You’ll also want a hefty amount if your kids are young and you have many years left before they go to college (and you might also want coverage for tuition).

There are other circumstances, however, where you may need life insurance quickly and for a small amount. In that case, a no-exam policy may be the fastest way to get coverage. Understand your goals and what you are trying to accomplish first and then go from there.

Get a free price estimate now so you know exactly what to expect.

Understand the type of policy you want

One of the great things about no-exam life insurance is that you can get it with any type of life insurance you prefer.

So if you like the flexibility (and price) of life insurance policies, then you can apply for life insurance without examination. But if you prefer the lifetime protection (and cash reserve) attached to whole life insurance policies, then you can get a no-exam version of that.

Do your homework and understand the pros and cons of each type of insurance.

Research lenders to find the best deal

As is the case with most financial products and services, it pays to do your research to find the best deal. Exam-free life insurance is no different. Different providers will offer different terms and rates, so get quotes from at least three different insurers so you can establish a baseline to compare.

Just be sure to compare apples to apples. So if you get a quote for a no-exam life insurance policy from one provider, don’t get a quote for a no-exam whole life insurance policy from another. Get quotes for the same type, length and value and choose the best offer from there.

You can get a free price quote online now or consider purchasing suppliers using the table below.

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