How Travel Consultants Can Take Advantage of the Latest Travel Trends

Paying attention to the latest travel trends can pay big dividends for the travel consultant.

According to Kristy Mosolino, owner of Wishes Travel in Birmingham, Alabama, “Knowing the trends that are in demand is very important to staying ahead of the game. And as travel consultants, it’s up to me and my team to stay on top of what travelers are looking for on their vacation.”


Mosolino says this is done by staying informed, building knowledge and establishing good infrastructure. “Once we are aware of new travel trends from various resources, we started planning ahead. She adds: “There are many training materials available to help us learn more about a destination. In addition, we work to increase and foster the necessary relationships with suppliers.”

About these trends, Mosolino says that, for his agency, the biggest buzz is Europe. “Europe travel is really hot right now. Popular destinations increase demand and affect airline availability, especially during peak season. If families wish to travel during these peak periods, we encourage them to book in advance. We capitalize on the sense of urgency and, as a result, our customers get their dream vacations in Europe.”

She also adds that families looking to travel to more than one destination in Europe are looking to do so by train, another 2023 trend. , so travelers can wander around their favorite cities.”

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After the lockdown requirements of the global pandemic and its impact on older generations, multigenerational travel has taken on new meaning and its momentum continues. Families, she said, “are sailing again and in style. This has been one of our biggest requests from families across generations. So we keep tabs on which cruise lines work best for the family, and again, we encourage booking as far in advance as possible.”

Another big trend for 2023 is holiday wishing inspired by favorite television shows. The popularity of the Yellowstone series has increased travelers’ desire to vacation in Wyoming. “This has also increased the demand for vacation rentals and their cost. As travel consultants, we have to be aware of these factors and guide our clients in the right direction”, says Mosolino.

Transformative experiences and cultural enrichment are also on the rise. People want to experience destinations in a deeper and more authentic way. Cooking classes and how to make traditional dishes at a Carioca’s home, for example, are still on the travelers’ wish list. But this also includes family experiences, so that everyone has the opportunity to experience a place in a more meaningful way.

Jennifer Kellum of Neverland & Main Travel in Jacksonville, North Carolina, says her agency has noticed the trend of travelers interested in smaller luxury ships post-COVID. As a result, she went to Croatia for a FAM yacht trip to experience it for herself. When she returned home, she posted an opportunity for her clients and within 12 hours all 38 vacancies were filled. She said that “Listening carefully to what my customers wanted when the trip returned was very important. I had a good idea of ​​what they were looking for, identified a niche and our agency made it happen.”

According to Jennifer, the two years of isolation have also changed the way people see travel. Instead of waiting for the right time or the right circumstance or having enough money in the bank, time to travel has become a ‘now’ factor. “The realization that we are not untouchable and that we might not have our ‘someday’ is something I remind my clients of. You only have so many years with aging parents, kids at home, or spring break to travel together. So why delay when you can create those memories now?

Both travel consultants are aware of their responsibility to provide clients with the best possible vacation within their budgets. “Knowing and understanding travel trends, along with constantly expanding our knowledge base and our collaborative partnerships with our suppliers, allows us the opportunity to individualize and tailor our customers’ vacations,” explains Mosolino.

“Happy customers mean repeat business. When a travel agent provides his client with an unforgettable travel experience combined with memories for a lifetime, he will definitely come back more often”, he adds.

And, according to Kellum, “we’ve turned the let’s dream philosophy into let’s travel. We listen to our customers’ needs and guide them in the right direction.”

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