‘I want him to run’: South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn backs Biden’s 2024 candidacy

Joe Biden’s main supporter in Congress, Jim Clyburn, wants him to run again in 2024.

Fresh off his State of the Union address, Biden’s allies in the Democratic Party are working hard to quell speculation that he is not up to the task of taking on Donald Trump or another Republican in the next election cycle.

Clyburn’s top 2020 endorsement was crucial in saving Biden’s flagging campaign ahead of the South Carolina primary. The parliamentarian spoke in an interview with Financial Timestelling the newspaper that the president’s advanced age should not be a factor in his bid for re-election.

“I want him to run… I see no reason why he shouldn’t run,” said the congressman. “And I am very hopeful that he will run. I think he deserves a second term. I don’t believe anyone could do a better job trying to get us back on track.”

His endorsement is not a surprise; Clyburn is one of the president’s main cheerleaders and has rejected calls for the party’s younger generations to take power first. However, he caved to these calls and did not run for a leadership position in January, allowing the top spots in the Democratic caucus to be filled by comparatively younger lawmakers.

While he didn’t say whether the president should run again when asked ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, the Democrats’ strong showing, allowing them to expand their Senate majority, likely underlies at least some of Clyburn’s enthusiasm. and other Democrats to stand with Mr. Biden in 2024.

In January, Clyburn made similar comments in an interview with CBS News and expressed confidence that the president would be able to campaign effectively against any Republican challenger.

“I am all for President Biden,” he said. “I think he has demonstrated in these two years … that he deserves re-election. And I believe he will be re-elected no matter who the Republicans put in.”

Donald Trump remains the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, having been the first prominent Republican to announce a candidacy for the 2024 cycle. Polls show he generally leads the field, although Ron DeSantis of Florida remains competitive.

Clyburn’s home state of South Carolina is now set to be the site of the Democrats’ first primary contest of 2024 after the party passed a primary calendar overhaul earlier this month; the issue is far from resolved, however, as the legislatures of some states must pass the process of changing their respective state primary dates.

New Hampshire officials, in particular, say the new calendar violates a state law that requires New Hampshire to hold the first primary race — excluding caucuses — in the country.

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