I’d rather not know if the wife goes into labor at the Super Bowl

  • Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie will be 38 weeks pregnant and will be attending Super Bowl LVII on Sunday.
  • Kelce says that if Kylie goes into labor during the game, he doesn’t want to know.
  • “I would rather stay in the moment, finish the game and then run to wherever she is after that,” Kelce said.

Jason Kelce is set for a big day on Sunday.

As a starting center for the Philadelphia Eagles, he’ll have his hands on the ball all day as the Birds look to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. Jason’s brother, Travis Kelce, happens to be the Chiefs’ superstar and also co-hosts their podcast, “New Heights,” which started this year.

It’s already a family affair at the Super Bowl, but there’s a chance the Kelce clan will get a little bigger on Sunday as Jason’s wife Kylie is in Phoenix to watch the game at 38 weeks pregnant.

Kelce said on her podcast earlier in the week that Kylie’s doctor would be present with her at the stadium, and that plans had been made for what would happen if she went into labor mid-game.

As Kelce explained, part of that plan, he hopes, is to keep you in the dark.

“I don’t want to know,” Kelce told reporters four days before the big game. “I would rather stay in the moment, finish the game and then run off to wherever she is after that.”

As things stand, Kelce seems to be relishing her chances that her third child will hold out for a few more days.

“We’ve got some things in place. She saw her OB yesterday, it looks like things are good, like we’re able to get out of Arizona,” Kelce said. “We felt as comfortable as possible at 38 weeks pregnant going to a football game with three different time zones.

“I don’t think I’m going to think about it too much,” Kelce said of the impending birth of her next child. “I think we’ll see, but I’m very good at blocking things out of football when I’m on the pitch.

“I’ve said this before, but football, sport in general – it’s not something negative I’m trying to escape from, but – if something is happening outside of your life, football is a great place to really focus. You can’t do it well and you can’t do it properly without having your full attention and focus in the moment. I think I’ll be really good at avoiding that, and if something happens, I hope nobody tells me so I can stay that way.”

Donna Kelce, mom to Jason and Travis and soon-to-be grandmother for the third time, was also confident they would make it out of the Super Bowl a week before the baby was born.

“There’s no way she’s going to have the baby,” Donna Kelce told Insider on the red carpet ahead of Thursday night’s NFL Honors event. “She took every precaution. Her doctor is here.

“They wouldn’t have let her travel if they thought she was ready to go, so she took every precaution.”

While Grandma was very confident, Dad was hopeful.

Asked what it was like knowing his wife would be there in the stands at 38 weeks pregnant, Kelce’s response was quick.

“Just hoping we can make it to 39 weeks pregnant.”

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