Kentucky out of tournament; Alabama is top seed

Kentucky forward Jacob Toppin (0) kicks the ball during the second half against Arkansas at Rupp Arena in the Central Bank Center.

Even though Selection Sunday is less than a month away, there’s still a lot that could change in men’s college basketball in the coming weeks. So it goes without saying that this latest version of bracketology will almost certainly not look like the final pairs. It does, however, give an indication of which teams are in good shape and which others need to warm up in a hurry. One such team in the latter situations is one of the largest programs in the country.

Purdue retains the No. 1 position despite losing two of its last three games. But Alabama now projects itself as the overall top seed on the field. Houston and UCLA claim the other top two regional spots, though we suspect a Big 12 representative, currently holding three of the four runners-up, will move up in future updates, as virtually every league game is an opportunity for a Quad 1 victory. .

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