Knife murders in the UK have risen by a fifth to the highest level since records began

Knife murders reached their highest total since records began in 1946 in the year to March 2022, according to official statistics.

Figures from the Office for Nation Statistics (ONS), which cover England and Wales but not Scotland and Northern Ireland, which have their own data collection bodies, put the number of homicides “committed with a knife”. or sharp instrument” in the two United Nations. at 282, an increase of nearly one-fifth (19 percent) from the previous year and the highest annual total since the Home Office began keeping a Homicide Index in 1946.

The previous record of 281 had been set relatively recently in the year to March 2018 – at a time when there were no coronavirus lockdowns or restrictions on gatherings and travel, as there were for large parts of the year to March 2022.

Demographically, youth and young men aged 16-24 were the most common victims of lethal knife violence, accounting for 122 deaths – but deaths in the 45-54 age group were not far behind at 119 after 53 percentage increase over the previous year.

Victims aged 55-64 increased by a further 54%, although actual deaths were lower overall at age 77, and victims in the 65-and-over category also rose significantly to the highest level by at least one of each.

Whites were the most common victims in terms of ethnicity, accounting for 496 deaths, or 71% of the total – an increase of 110 from the year to March 2021 and an increase of 71 from the year to March 2020, before coronavirus-related lockdowns and measures have had time to force significant changes in the regular functioning of society.

Blacks, meanwhile, accounted for 91 deaths, or 13% of the total—lower overall but, in terms of population share, about four times higher than the knife homicide rate for other groups.

Interestingly, all non-black ethnic minorities in Britain were grouped under ‘Other’ in the ONS main release, despite South Asians, for example, having long represented a significantly larger share of the population with a migrant background than the blacks.

This category of ‘Others’ suffered 84 homicides with a knife, against 63 in the previous year.

Men were much more likely than women to be victims, accounting for 72 percent of deaths, and they were also much more likely to be perpetrators, accounting for 91 percent of suspects in cases where someone was accused of killing a man and 95 percent of suspects in cases where someone was accused of killing a woman.

“We need to see more action in schools and more searches and searches,” said Marco Longhi, Member of Parliament (MP) for the British government’s Conservative (Tory) Party, in comments to The sun.

“The latter may be controversial, but I think it’s the kindest thing to do if it saves lives,” he said, referring to the fact that police searches are often criticized by awake activists for allegedly targeting ethnic minorities, particularly black people. , disproportionately.

“The government is failing to take strong enough action to stop knife crime, especially among young people,” added Yvette Cooper, a Labor MP who, as home secretary, is expected to replace Suella Braverman of the Conservatives as minister with broad responsibility. . by law and order if your party wins the next general election, as it is on track to do.

However, much of England’s violent crime occurs in areas where the Labor Party already controls local government, particularly London, where Mayor Sadiq Khan – who took office promising to “do everything” to drastically reduce stops and searches – also acts as a policeman. and Crime Commissioner.

In terms of knife crime drivers, The sun highlighted the growing weakness of the British judiciary, which, despite a series of half-measures to toughen sentences introduced by the Conservatives and even the former Labor government, is actually sending convicted knife offenders to prison in lower numbers in a decade.

Breitbart London also saw statistics released under the Freedom of Information Act suggesting that mass migration could be a factor in helping to drive knife crime, with the Metropolitan Police alone arresting hundreds of foreigners for possession of knives and similar implements in the year past.

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