Manchester United legend Paul Scholes makes bold claim after Europa League draw

Paul Scholes claimed Manchester United’s quadruple is still ‘on’ after drawing with Barcelona in the Europa League.

There once was a very quiet but extremely deadly midfielder at United named Scholes. A true class operator who was frequently mentioned in conversations about the Premier League’s greatest midfielders.

It’s a lot harder at the moment to understand how things at Old Trafford are going for the team, with Ten Hag making sure they play really well.

That was extremely evident on Thursday night when the visitors beat Barcelona in the Europa League, drawing 2-2 with the Spanish league leaders.

The result, combined with United’s Carabao Cup Final against Newcastle United in nine days, and the fact that they are just five points short of the top two teams in the Premier League, has fans believing that success is close at hand.

And Scholes is one of those who believe: “The are (alive in all competitions). The quadruple continues,” he told BT Sport.

Presenter Jules Breach asked if the former England star was joking, to which he replied: “No, I’m not joking, no.”

Many were quick to point out that it wouldn’t be ‘The Quadruple’, which would require teams to win the Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup and Champions League.

The team did not qualify for the latter, having been outside the top four of the championship in the previous campaign, but will be one of the favorites for the Europa League if they overcome Barcelona in the second leg.

There’s also a clash with West Ham in the FA Cup fifth round, as well as the game at Wembley against Newcastle in just over a week’s time.

Some fans of Eddie Howe’s team feel that there is a conspiracy against their team before this game, due to the referee’s appointment, but it doesn’t have much merit.

Toughest of all will probably be getting Manchester City and Arsenal top of the league, although those sides will have to meet again following City’s 3-1 win on Wednesday night.

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