Pokemon fan finds rare GameCube game in his locker

A Pokemon fan finds a rare long-forgotten GameCube game in the back of a cupboard that has excited other players online.

A pokemon A fan shared a long-lost rare GameCube game that had been gathering dust in his closet for many years before being found again. O pokemon series of games spawned not only the main games that gamers have come to love over the years, but also spin-off titles and one-off entries, like the one this fan dug up recently. this particular pokemon title isn’t exactly a game, and what makes it rare for US gamers is that it was only available in one store when it debuted nearly 20 years ago.


Although pokemon Scarlet It is violet newly released, fans have also been focusing on classic moments from the past, like the famous scene from the Squirtle Squad anime that a player recently recreated using pixel art. A pair of nostalgic pokemon games, pokemon Ruby It is Sapphirewent on to become a favorite pokemon generation for many fans; was even granted a remake with pokemon Omega Ruby It is Alpha Sapphire for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

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A pokemon fan recently discovered a rare GameCube title called pokemon Box: Ruby and sapphire while rummaging through a box of old games in her closet at her parents’ house. O pokemon Box is not a game, but a storage system that allows players to store up to 1500 Pok√©mon and even play pokemon Ruby It is Sapphire on their televisions. Other fans congratulated the player on his luck, stating that this title is currently worth a lot of money on eBay. This recent gem of a discovery wasn’t the only thing intriguing fans online; another avid pokemon collector also showed his extensive pokemon collection of figurines they have gathered over many years.

pokemon Box it was harder to find in North America because it was only available for purchase at one store, the New York Pokemon Center. The European version can be purchased in a few different ways. Fans could get it by purchasing the GameCube Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak, which included a copy of pokemon Coliseum, The memory card and the GameCube-Game Boy Advance Link cable. It was also available as a standalone title, or players could pre-order a limited number of them through the Star Catalog on the Nintendo of Europe website. Now that Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games are finally on Switch, maybe older pokemon titles like pokemon Ruby It is Sapphire can be added to Nintendo Switch Online. Time will tell, but it looks good for pokemon fans who prefer previous generations.

pokemon Ruby It is Sapphire may have been out over a decade ago, but for some gamers, it’s one of the pokemon games that have aged better. Gen 3 will likely always hold a special place in fans’ hearts, from its cool looking legendaries to its new gameplay mechanics. If anything, this recent discovery may have inspired others to dig up their lost, forgotten pokemon collections.

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