Pokemon fan makes impressive photo with Jolteon

An artistic Pokémon fan draws a stunning drawing of Jolteon that emanates the sheer power of Eevee’s electrical evolution.

an artistic pokemon fan made an electrical art of Jolteon. Jolteon is one of Eevee’s evolutions, which first appeared in pokemon Generation 1, along with their fire and water counterparts, Flareon and Vaporeon, respectively.

Jolteon is an electric pokemon, which evolves from Eevee by exposing it to a Thunder Stone. It is a quadrupedal creature with spiky yellow fur and a white mane around its neck. Eevee now has eight branches of evolutions, including the three mentioned above, consisting of Espeon (psychic), Umbreon (dark), Leafeon (grass), Glaceon (ice), and Sylveon (fairy). The last generation Eevee got a new evolution branch was in Generation 6, so it’s been a while since fans got their hands on a new Eevee evolution.


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A Reddit user named Sebbybby shared his drawing of Jolteon posing as if to shock a large opponent. The Jolteon is depicted as if it is charging its electrical energy to use a Thunderbolt attack or another electricity-based ability, with the purple accent in its eyes and ears standing out more than usual. The design is complete with electric shocks, hair sticking up and claws coming out. The claws, which are rarely seen on Electric-type Pokémon, make this version of Jolteon resemble cats more than anything the creature is associated with in general, such as rabbits and foxes.

The user used Procreate to create Jolteon fan art, which means they did it with an iPad. As seen in the comments section, other users are also enjoying the art. One user said the claws reminded them of their cat when he decides to sit on their shoulders where they can feel them digging into their back. Yet another user goes on a long rant about how good Jolteon is as a pokemon companion, one of its uses being the alarm, as it gives its trainer “a nice spark to start the day”.

With people imagining all kinds of possibilities with this unique pokemon, Eevee and its evolutions naturally have a lot of fan art. For example, there were redesigned Eeveelutions in Neopets, an Eevee and Umbreon wall art made from pokemon cards and even the imagination of a potential new Pokémon evolution called Spectreon. This likely won’t be the last reimagining of Eevee and its Eeveelutions. Since Eevee doesn’t have a new evolution in Pokémon Scarlet and Violetfans will be itching for more fan art to satiate their imaginations.

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