QTCinderella finds it can’t sue creator of deepfake website

The streamer has sworn legal action after discovering that explicit content was created using her image.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber QTCinderella was in tears after speaking out against the constant “exploitation and objectification” of women in a stream a few weeks ago. It was triggered by the discovery that fellow streamer Atrioc had viewed deepfake porn featuring her and other female streamers.

Furthermore, the streamer said that she was being harassed by people who were uploading her images from the deepfake website. QTCinderella has vowed to sue the individual who created the website that allows deepfakes of herself and others. But now, after seeking legal advice, it appears that QTCinderella is struggling to carry out its legal threat in a sign that perhaps laws and regulations should be updated to reflect growing concerns regarding deepfakes.


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QTCinderella spoke to NBC (via Dexerto) about the issue and revealed that it tracked the offending content on a subscription-based website and sent a takedown notice. However, deepfake images continued to spread. But after seeking advice, she found the current legal framework “disheartening”.

Atrioc crying during the apology with his wife behind him and the blurred Twitch chat on the right

“Every attorney I’ve talked to has essentially come to the conclusion that we don’t have a case; there’s no way we can sue the guy,” she told NBC.

While many states in the US have laws prohibiting revenge pornography and the solicitation and sharing of sexual content without consent, there are only a few states – which include Georgia, California, Virginia and New York – that have specific laws around deepfake content and media, so under the Cyber ​​Civil Rights Initiative. Meanwhile, the UK has said it plans to introduce legislation that will criminalize explicit non-consensual deepfake media. the plan was announced in November 2022, so it still might not help British streamer Sweet Anita, who was also the victim of sexually explicit deepfakes.

As for QTCinderella, she says she experienced body dysmorphia after seeing the deepfaked images and that it “ruined” her. “It’s not as simple as ‘just’ being raped. It’s much more than that,” she tweeted after discovering that Atrioc was seeing explicit deepfake media.

The incident was doubly distressing for QTCinderella, as Atrioc is a personal friend of hers. On January 31, Atrioc apologized in a bizarre video in which he confessed to seeing deepfaked images of female content creators, including Pokimane, Sweet Anita, and QTCinderella. These women expressed alarm and distress at the existence of the content. Hopefully laws will be updated or introduced quickly so that people unduly affected by deepfake media can be protected.

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