QTCinderella Hitting Brick Wall Amidst Deepfake Legal Battle: “No Way to Sue Dude”

Published: 2023-02-15T05:38:33

updated: 2023-02-15T05:38:42

QTCinderella recently expressed her frustration over the “disheartening” legal framework currently in place to defend individuals against explicit deepfake content, especially as she seeks to sue the creator of a website that featured her and many other female streamers.

After the deepfake controversy that happened earlier this year, the subject has become widely discussed in the realm of streaming, and many content creators are still dealing with the fallout.

On January 31, Twitch streamer Atrioc came forward and admitted to seeing deepfake graphic images of female content creators. These female personalities included several top-notch streamers such as Pokimane and Sweet Anita, many of whom expressed severely confused and distressing emotions as a result.

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One of those affected was influential streamer QTCinderella, a personal friend of Atrioc, who also expressed frustration. His outrage was aimed especially at the individuals who continued to spread the images online, tweeting “Everybody stop. Stop spreading. Stop advertising it.

At the same time, QTCinderella stated that it would sue the creator of the deepfake site, however it recently updated fans when speaking with NBC, admitting that it has hit a brick wall due to the “disheartening” nature of the legal system.

QTCinderella stated that while planning to sue the creator, she spoke with several lawyers who “have come to the conclusion that we don’t have a case; there is no way to prosecute the guy.”

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She went on to say that the current legal framework against deepfakes is “disheartening”.

According to MIT Technology Review, most US states have laws against soliciting or sharing sexually intimate content without consent. However, very few states have laws that protect individuals from producing or sharing deepfaked images of themselves on the internet.

QTCinderella also explained the effects the images had on her self-esteem. In a recent tweet, she expressed experiencing body dysmorphia as a result of the images, highlighting the complexity of the issue.

“The amount of body dysmorphia I have experienced since seeing these photos has ruined me. It’s not as simple as “just” being violated. It’s much more than that.”

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This complexity was only reinforced due to the strain it placed on her and Atrioc’s personal relationship after he was found viewing the footage.

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