The Trans Witches Are Witches pack features 69 projects from indie LGBTQ+ creators, if you need an alternative wizard game

KRITIQAL, a group aiming to elevate LGBTQ+ voices in the gaming space, is showing off a new bundle of games, zines and music available for purchase. The group proudly mentions that all works featured in the package, titled “Trans Witches Are Witches,” come from LGBTQ+ creators.

The pack’s name itself is a direct response to transphobic comments made by Potterverse frontwoman JK Rowling, who continually makes comments that reinforce harmful stereotypes associated with the transgender community. Rowling has proudly branded herself as a TERF – a trans-exclusive radical feminist – and frequently uses her platform to express disdain towards transgender people.

The creation of the pack is a way for LGBTQ+ creators to productively and creatively express their frustrations with Rowling while using the very franchise she created as a springboard. The phrase “Trans Witches are Witches” is a play on “Trans Women are Women,” a mantra often used by LGBTQ+ advocates in an effort to reduce the hate and stigma often placed on transgender people.

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KRITIQAL’s ad makes a clever reference that the cost of the package is equal to the cost of a certain AAA wizarding game and encourages viewers to reject the fanaticism associated with the Hogwarts Legacy. A subsequent tweet posted by KRITIQAL also mentions that an alternate edition of the Trans Witches Are Witches bundle is available for just $10, making all versions highly affordable. The eagerness to provide indie content for a low price is a refreshing change from the practices of major publishers, who often force gamers to pay AAA prices for games that many find soulless or uninspired.

In an age where LGBTQ+ people are often subjected to questioning and skepticism around their identities, funding projects created by smaller LGBTQ+ developers is a fantastic way to show support for the community while exploring new forms of media. While mainstream media led by LGBTQ+ people is still limited, the developers of Trans Witches are Witches are inviting us to join their cozy coven.

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