Today’s Wordle #606 Tip, Clues, and Answer for Wednesday, February 15th

Well, it’s snowing and freezing again, which I think is fitting as it’s mid-February, right in the icy heart of winter. I’m ready for spring. In fact, I’m ready for summer.

Still, here in the dry, flammable southwest, it’s nice to have snow and cold. When snow melts too fast, the benefits of all that moisture are greatly reduced. Slow melting that takes weeks or months instead of days is what really helps to saturate the soil. The more accumulated snow we have, the less forest fires.

Despite this knowledge and its implications for the greater good, a selfish side of me dreams of warm nights, long walks in the woods, longer days and green leaves. Unfortunately, all that sun and warmth is still a few months away. Maybe it’s time to book a trip to Costa Rica.

In the meantime, we have Wordle to keep our minds warm, at least. Let’s do this one. It’s especially spicy!

How to Solve Today’s Wordle

The tip: A rather daring and spicy dance.

The clue: This Wordle has double double letters.

The Answer (Spoilers):




With my initial guess I was going for something similar to Wordle Bot’s (slate) but it is not the same. dead seemed like a decent compromise, and it turned out to be a pretty good guess indeed – though no better than slate It would have been. According to Wordle Bot’s analysis after the fact, this reduced the remaining possible solutions to just 13!

Maybe it’s because I was thinking about having a salad today, but that was my next guess. When I thought about it, I hesitated because I don’t often do the double letter thing if possible, but then I thought: At least it will test the ‘A’ at two different points. I assumed – sort of correctly – that it would be one of those two boxes.

It was! But I also got an ‘A’ in yellow, which surprised me. Of course, I knew almost instantly that this meant the final word had to be parsley, which is as much a type of dance as it is a type of sauce traditionally used in Mexican cuisine, although it really does go well with just about anything.

Wordle Bot also got this one out of three guessing slate / hydro / parsley which means I get zero for tying the bot and 1 point for guessing out of three, totaling a huzzah. Alive!

Happy Wednesday, dear Wordlers. Let it be hotter than mine!

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