Top RPG News of the Week: February 19 (Wild Hearts, Miasma Chronicles, Redemption Reapers, and more!)

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wild hearts

  • This week saw the release of the monster hunting title Wild Hearts from Koei Tecmo and Omega Force. They also reviewed information on endgame systems for Action-RPG.
  • Covering what Kemono hunters can expect in the late game includes pitting players against “Volatile Kemono”. After preventing an apocalyptic event from occurring, our hero still cannot turn off his Bladed Wagasas. The Celestial Threads used to power our Karakuri, as well as the land itself, are still causing trouble far and wide. Some of the massive Kemono beasts absorbed much of this energy, further increasing their powers.
  • But with greater challenges come greater rewards. In addition to the usual crafting materials to make your fancy new hat, Volatile Kemono will drop a new item: Keystones. Once players have enough Keystones, they can clear the way for even more powerful beasts, the “Deeply Volatile Kemono”.
  • Bosses will drop the strongest talismans in the game. These talismans bestow extremely powerful passive abilities or stat boosts and should be the ultimate goal for any aspiring hunter.
  • In order to get your best at killing Kemono, be sure to check out our Wild Hearts Beginners Guide. Here, you’ll find 7 essential tips to get the most out of your monster hunting experience.
  • Wild Hearts is currently available for PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

To learn more about this news, find it here at Wild Hearts Review Endgame Volatile Kemono Plus PC Performance Updates.

Wild Hearts Talks Endgame content and performance updates

Wild Hearts Talks Endgame content and performance updates

The Darkest Dungeon 2

  • Exciting news for Darkest Dungeon 2 fans. Red Hook Studios is bringing back the beloved Vestal from the first game in its latest update. DD2 is the sequel to the iconic gothic roguelike title currently in Early Access. The Suffer No Sin update is now available on the Epic Games Store. There are now a total of eleven playable characters in the early access version of the game.
  • In the first title, Vestal is armed with the Judgment offensive skill. In Darkest Dungeon 2, however, she brings a mix of defensive support options as well as flexibility. She now unleashes her wrath on distant enemies. Her healing is now directly tied to her Conviction skill.
  • As your conviction grows, so does your ability to decimate your enemies with holy power. Blessing those in combat to empower them in battle through their Consecrations.
  • Red Hook had announced last week that sequel Darkest Dungeon 2 would leave early access on May 8. The combat system in this second installment takes a significant shake up mechanically, but still remains consistent with the first. Version 1.0 will hit the Epic Game Store and Steam on May 8.

For more on that news, find it here Darkest Dungeon 2 adds fan favorite The Vestal in the latest update.

Fan favorite Vestal returns in Darkest Dungeon 2 Early Access.

Honkai: StarRail

  • Genshin Impact developer announces turn-based RPG Honkai: Star Rail has amassed over 2 million subscriptions as it nears launch. The game, which had its final beta on February 10, will arrive for PC and mobile. The game is based on its Honkai universe, with a similar art style to Genshin Impact, but follows a different combat system and gameplay design.
  • The game takes place in a sci-fi open world following the journey of a Trailblazer aboard the Astral Express. Tasked with assembling a team of fighters, players will use their special combat skills to their advantage in tactical battles. Star Rail sets out to be a new entry into the Honkai universe, aiming to attract new and old fans of the franchise.
  • There is currently no release date for Honkai Star Rail, but it will be released on PC, iOS, and Android. You can sign up now to earn pre-registration bonuses.

To learn more about this news, find it here at Honkai: Star Rail Gets 2 Million Signups Ahead of Launch.

Genshin developer celebrates 2 million submissions for upcoming game Honkai: Star Rail.

Lost Blade

  • 505 Games and Point Blank Games have announced that indie fantasy title Stray Blade will be coming to consoles and PC in April 2023. Playing as a rogue adventurer, you stumble across the lands of Acrea that are inhabited by some not-so-friendly creatures. Here you’ll need to survive, craft and fight, in hopes of restoring the war-torn valley back to its more peaceful days.
  • The game’s unique changing world will have adventurers challenged in every corner, and also leaving their own mark on the world. Facing the God-Kings will put players in more dangerous battles.
  • Armed with a variety of weapons that can be crafted if needed, players will explore the fantasy landscape and return it to its former glory.
  • No adventure is complete without a trusted sidekick and yours in Stray Blade will be Boji. This little companion will help you with your own individual talent trees. As you progress, Boji unlocks more crafting options and discovers ancient information.

Stray Blade recently entered closed beta on PC. The game is scheduled to launch on April 20th for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

To learn more about that news, find it here on Stray Blade. The fantasy action RPG is coming to consoles and PC in April 2023.

Stray Blade receives a release date of April 20th.

Lord of the Rings

  • Embracer Group recently released its Q3 2022 financial report, which shares five games under the Lords of the Rings IP being developed. These titles are expected to be released before March 2024.
  • While it doesn’t go into detail about which games these are, the ones we do know are the story-driven stealth game Gollum, the survival game The Lords of the Rings: Return to Moria, Weta Workshop’s untitled project, and the mobile collective RPG from EA called Heroes of Middle-earth.
  • If these are the titles in question, that leaves a mystery title with no details revealed yet. It’s a wonder if any of them can fill the hole in MMO form that was left by Amazon’s cancellation of the MMORPG.
  • What kind of Lord of the Rings game would you like? Let us know in the comments below.

To learn more about that news, find it here at The Lord of the Rings IP has 5 new games set to release before March 2024.

LOTR IP has five games in development.

Marvel’s Midnight Sun

  • Marvel’s Midnight Sun is set to introduce new playable character Venom in its latest tactical RPG DLC. Set for release on February 23rd, fans follow Eddie Brock as he seeks redemption for his role in the game’s main campaign.
  • Though manipulated by Lilith for many of his actions, Brock feels remorseful and is trying to redeem himself. This is a very fitting narrative for the character of Venom and will be an interesting exploration of the villain-antihero dynamic.
  • Venom can be seen showing off his moves with the Assimilation ability. This will trigger a frenzy for a full turn, causing each of his attacks, as well as hero abilities, to have the “Fast” keyword. This allows players to draw another attack or heroic ability card every time an enemy is defeated.
  • This marks the second DLC of four for Midnight Suns, which adds 10 new hero skills, new story quests, a new Abbey upgrade, and new cosmetics. The DLC is part of the Season Pass, which adds other fan-favorite characters like Deadpool, Morbius, and Storm.

To learn more about this news, find it here at Marvel’s Midnight Suns Presents Venom in February.

Midnight Suns gets Venom in the next DLC.

Miasma Chronicles

  • Upcoming tactical role-playing game Miasma Chronicles from the developers of Mutant Year Zero has gotten some new pre-alpha gameplay footage. The 17-minute video shared by developer The Bearded Ladies shows the game running on default difficulty, as well as taking on the light tactical combat option.
  • We can see the main character Elvis and his trusty robot assistant Diggs exploring the area around the Miasmic Wall. Elvis is desperate to use his glove as his mother is trapped on the other side. Unfortunately, his attempt is thwarted because the glove overheats.
  • On their way back to town, they encounter creatures that resemble frogs or walking amphibians. These enemies should not be taken into account, as they help with bows and can even jump to the second floor of buildings.
  • The gameplay introduces the cover system, which players will need to utilize to defeat enemies. Each turn allows each hero two action points per turn.
  • What’s most impressive about the footage shown is the highly detailed exploration of the world that’s done in real-time. Elvis sifts through useful materials, as well as updates such as scopes on the post-apocalyptic aftermath. There are also some quirky looking characters like the mayor who is just a head in a mechanical jar.
  • Miasma Chronicles is expected to release in 2023 for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

To learn more about this news, find it here at Miasma Chronicles Gets 17 Minutes of Pre-Alpha Footage.

Pre-alpha screenshots of the Tactical RPG Miasma Chronicles.

Reapers of Redemption

  • Adding a little more tactical RPG flavor to our news this week, a final launch trailer for Redemption Reapers has been revealed. The game will be released later this month and is directed by Fire Emblem alumnus Masayuki Horikawa.
  • The trailer shows Sarah, a rescued orphan raised by the Ashen Hawk Brigade, trying to comfort a newly rescued boy, Naki. Now she fights as one of the brigades, becoming a savior. We see the group fight a tactical battle against the great threat called Mort, a gruesome evil that has slaughtered the village of Inissa.
  • It introduces some of the characters and previews some of the grid-based battlegrounds the characters will encounter. Game footage is a mix of cutscenes, comic-style dialogue, and isometric combat. There’s also a peek at some follow-up animated attacks that take Mort out in style. Be prepared to cross swords with multi-armed evils by planning battle formations that are right for the job.
  • Redemption Reapers launches on February 22 for PC, Switch, and Playstation 4.

To learn more about that news, find it here in the emotional final launch trailer for Redemption Reapers.

The launch trailer for the tactical RPG Redemption Reapers shows off the combat and story.

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