Turkey earthquake: Satellite images show mass graves being erected for victims

New satellite images have revealed mass graves being erected for earthquake victims in Turkey.

On February 6, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake and its aftershocks hit southeastern Turkey and northern Syria, followed by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake nine hours later, collapsing buildings and reducing towns and cities to rubble. .

More than 36,000 people died in both countries due to the devastating earthquakes.

In images released by Maxar, recovery and debris removal operations can be seen underway in several towns in the affected area, including Kahramanmaras, where there was extensive damage to buildings in the city centre.

Satellite images also showed a rapidly expanding mass cemetery southeast of the city as more earthquake victims are found.

Cemetery being prepared for earthquake victims southeast of Kahramanmaras, Turkey


Footage from northeast Antakya also shows similar activity involving construction of a new cemetery.

Satellite image collected on February 11 shows a new cemetery established northeast of the city of Antakya, Turkey.


Images from the Syrian town of Jindires also show considerable damage.

Buildings before the earthquake in eastern Jindires, Syria on October 10, 2022


Collapsed buildings and emergency shelters after the earthquake in eastern Jindires, Syria, on February 11


The photos show damage to ports, containers and buildings, as well as in central areas of Iskenderun.

Overview of containers and port facilities before the earthquake in Iskenderun, Turkey on June 26, 2022


Overview of damaged containers and port facilities after the earthquake in Iskenderun, Turkey on February 12


Financial damage in Turkey due to the earthquake was estimated at $84.1 billion, the Associated Press reported, citing a report by the Turkish Business and Business Confederation.

Authorities in Turkey said on Monday that more than 150,000 survivors had been moved to shelters outside the affected provinces.

In neighboring Syria, President Bashar Assad has agreed to open two new crossing points from Turkey into the rebel-held northwest of the country to deliver aid, the United Nations said.

Officials put the death toll in rebel-held Syria in the northwest at 2,166, according to the White Helmets rescue group.

Another 1,414 people died in government-controlled areas, according to the Syrian Health Ministry in Damascus.

The total death toll in Syria is 3,580.

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