Twitch Streamer Tectone Accidentally Leaks How Much He Was Paid For His Lost Ark Sponsorship

The Twitch Tectone streamer receives an email notification mid-stream revealing how much he earned for a sponsored Lost Ark stream.

OTK Muscular contraction streamer Tectone accidentally reveals how much he was paid for a Lost Arksponsored stream after receiving an email notification mid-stream. Sponsored streams are by no means a controversial occurrence, but how much Twitch streamers are paid for sponsored streams is protected information, often covered by NDAs or other contractual restrictions. Needless to say, Tectone leaking its Lost Ark Sponsored payment is as problematic for the Twitch streamer as it is interesting for their viewers.


Not entirely clear when sponsored by Tectone Lost Ark stream took place, but he confirmed it happened sometime last November. Lost Ark had a special promotional event in November with Twitch releases where players could win a rare Helgaia Pet Selection Chest. The event lasted the entire month of November, whereas the Tectone-sponsored broadcast likely took place over a single day or over multiple broadcasts.

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Regardless of when it occurred, it is now clear that Tectone was given a healthy $35,000 to run its Lost Arksponsored stream. The number was shown in an email notification that Tectone received while her Twitch stream was live. Tectone managed to quickly switch from displaying his desktop, but the damage was already done. Even though Tectone deletes VOD and deleted clips, Twitch chat is quick to screenshot and often never forgets.

However, some may be surprised by Tectone’s reaction. Although he was shocked that he had accidentally revealed information that he shouldn’t have, he also seemed very excited to have received such a substantial payout. After all, a payout of $35,000 is certainly great news. He even casually talked to his chat about sponsorships for a while afterwards, mentioning that it wasn’t even his biggest sponsorship in 2022. “Successful streamer money is crazy,” he told fans, but warned that most of streamers probably earn less than a dollar.

While Tectone broached the matter casually, he did let slip some concerns about the situation. He mentioned the possibility of being banned for this, which may sound serious, but conveys that Twitch likely takes the leaked sponsor information very seriously. It’s been over a week since Tectone’s Twitch stream accidentally revealed his payout, and he hasn’t been banned, so he’s probably in the clear.

Tectone might not be one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, but he’s still very popular. It averages around 3,000 viewers, but can reach upwards of 10,000 viewers on a good day. He is also a member of the popular streamers organization OTK, which makes him more attractive to sponsors and advertisers. Hopefully Tectone will get that $35,000 from Amazon for a Lost Ark Muscular contraction forward and hire someone to turn off your Windows Mail app notifications before this happens again.

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