Welsh Parliament starts offering free tampons in the men’s room

Welsh parliament has started handing out free tampons in men’s toilets, a report said on Saturday.

Feminine hygiene products, including tampons, are now offered free of charge in men’s toilets in the Welsh Parliament, the telegraph reported.

This makes Wales the latest Celtic nation to offer tampons to men as part of a move towards transgenderism, with Scotland and Ireland having already started giving the products away free of charge in men’s toilets in recent years.

According to a UK broadsheet report, the leftist, Labor-controlled parliament in Wales – known as the Senedd – has confirmed it has also started the practice, with footage being shared with the publication showing stockpiles of the items deposited next to urinals. .

The tampons are described by signage in the toilets as being “free”, with a parliamentary spokesperson stating that the products are available to anyone in the men’s toilets “who needs them”.

Some have now attacked the Welsh government over the presence of the sanitary items, with some accusing the left-controlled parliament of “signaling virtue” with the change.

“It is shocking that Senedd cannot figure out the difference between a man and a woman – particularly at a time when they are introducing gender quotas for elections,” Tom Giffard, a Conservative Welsh member of parliament, commented on the controversy.

the telegraph linked the availability of tampons in men’s toilets to continued pressure from the Welsh government for transgenderism.

Led by the left-wing Labor Party, parliament is said to have pursued gender self-identification policies similar to those implemented by its leftist counterparts in Scotland, despite the fact that many have expressed concern that such rules allowing men to identify as women without medical approval will put women at risk.

The Welsh government already has a number of gender-neutral toilets and even showers, with the country’s left-wing government also frequently using the term “people who menstruate” instead of women in official reports it has published.

Wales appears to be lagging behind Scotland in its pro-transgender crusade, with the leftist Scottish National Party starting to distribute feminine sanitary products in its men’s toilets in 2021.

Ireland was the next Celtic nation to follow, with the country’s government even installing at least one vending machine that dispensed the goods free of charge in the men’s toilets of the country’s parliament.

While many attacked the contraption’s instillation as ridiculous, as well as a potential waste of taxpayer money, progressives praised the move, declaring it “about time” that men had access to menstrual products.

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