Wild Hearts devs thank player who found strange solution to performance issues

Low frame target? Better check the audio settings.

Wild Hearts is out now, and while players on console are enjoying the first real Monster Hunter competitor, those on PC have only had complaints about performance since Early Access. Unfortunately, developer Omega Force was unable to fix the issue before launch, leading to a Steam bombing. The developer has announced a patch to fix these issues once and for all, but no date for it. However, one player managed to find a workaround to keep it until then.

Posted by Ryan Johnson on the Steam forums, this “wobbly solution” as they call it seems to have really worked, not only based on the feedback, but also an acknowledgment and thanks from the developer himself (thanks, PCGamesN).


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“I don’t know why or how but when downloading the game on medium and high settings the overlay said I was getting 60 fps but it felt more like 20,” Ryan’s post said. the game when my friend noticed he had put the headset on and his problems disappeared and now the game was smooth as butter.

“I tried the same but it didn’t work. I went in the audio settings and changed (stereo) (which is on by default) to 7.1/5.1 and is it smooth? And I’m getting above 60 fps now. can be played now.”

Well, this strange solution seems to be working as the comments section is full of confirmations and thanks. On Reddit, the developers have confirmed that this workaround works, though not in all cases. “We’ve tested this fix that u/ProfessionalAnimal27 and Ryan highlighted and confirm reports that in some cases changing your “output settings” in the game audio settings from stereo to 71.ch/5.1ch can – again, in some cases – drive performance improvements.”

The post noted that players who are already above 60fps are unlikely to see a further increase in frame rate. “Many thanks again to au/ProfessionalAnimal27 and Ryan for finding this workaround. And thanks to all the hunters this has affected for their patience as we work on a permanent fix.”

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