WWE 2K23 DLC May Include Bray Wyatt and Wade Barrett

Rumors suggest that WWE 2K23 may include recently re-hired Superstar Bray Wyatt and current commentator Wade Barrett as DLC.

WWE 2K23 could be adding Bray Wyatt and Wade Barrett to the upcoming video game, if the rumors are true. With just a few weeks until WWE 2K23 releases on March 17, 2023, speculation continues to swirl about various features or the title’s content.

WWE 2K23 recently revealed its roster consisting of over 170 characters. Although names like John Cena, Randy Orton or Roman Reigns are already blocked, omissions sometimes occur due to various circumstances. The same can be said for Legends and Hall of Famers who join the roster annually, whose appearances may depend on their contract status as the game is being developed. However, the same cannot be said for WWE 2K22, which had one of the most outdated rosters in the game. Still, the occasional odd request comes from fans, who are sometimes hoping that a newly returned star will make it into the game.


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On the latest 2K ShowDown stream by the WWE Games development team, a brief glitch and graphic interrupted the stream that showed a faint version of the current WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt logo. The words “Bad News Paper” were also shown along with the date March 1, 2023. For those unfamiliar, current WWE commentator Wade Barrett often used the nickname “Bad News” Barrett, which may also imply his involvement in this year’s game. . Fans previously noted Bray Wyatt’s omission from the WWE 2K23 list, then this taunt could bring good news to many players.


As the announced list appears to be already finalized, the general speculation around this cryptic graphic is that the March 1st news will discuss future DLC. Interestingly, the two superstars who were teased have a connection to WWE 2K23 Star John Cena Cover. Both Bray Wyatt and Wade Barrett have claimed victories over the iconic superstar on different occasions. It’s already a huge omission to have both men absent from the John Cena Showcase, so their potential post-launch addition will appeal to many gamers.

WWE 2K23 is being marketed with the hashtag #EvenStronger, so fans are hoping the title is better than its more recent predecessor WWE 2K22. New modes and new playable characters will be present in the game, as well as recurring features. With WarGames making its debut in WWE 2K23, fans will now be able to utilize the full roster in this exclusive game mode. The potential addition of new characters via DLC will definitely make this year’s version reflect WWE’s current schedule.

WWE 2K23 launches March 17 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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